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Third Eye – Savage Monk’s 2nd Album Release

Third Eye Album

Announcing the release of the second album from the Savage Monk “Third Eye” album. Released in 2023 and now available to you! Savage Monk Returns with Third Eye, A Daring and Inventive 2nd Album. The Band Delivers Their Most Thrilling Effort Yet, Cementing Their Rising Star Status. Their Highly Anticipated 2nd Album Release Explores New Musical Territory. The Band Takes Their Sound in Exciting New Directions on This Second Album.

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The wait is over! 

Savage Monk has returned with their highly anticipated second album “Third Eye” – a daring and inventive record that cements their status as rising stars.

  • Captivating blend of rock, jazz, blues, and psychedelic sounds
  • Thought-provoking lyrics
  • Complex rhythms and improvisational instrumentation

With “Third Eye”, Savage Monk continues to push their music in new directions. Songs showcase their tight musicianship and ability to blend genres. The album experiments with inspired melodies, rhythmic beats and lyrically explores the poetry of word.

For fans craving innovation in modern rock, “Third Eye” delivers a thrilling and transcendent journey. Savage Monk’s sound continues to rise with this bold new effort.

Let the band be your guide to musical enjoyment!

From Portland, Oregon… A band like no other!

  1. Intro / Glamorous (5:53) Nichols, Hijar
  2. Katsanova (3:33) Nichols, Hijar, Moore
  3. Underground Radio (3:37) Nichols, Hijar, Moore
  4. It’s Not So Easy (5:12) Nichols, Hijar
  5. The Things You Do To Me (4:25) Nichols, Hijar
  6. Tarantula (5:55) Nichols, Hijar
  7. Third Eye (5:38) Nichols, Hijar, Moore, Dettwiller
  8. Temporary Thing (5:23) Nichols, Hijar
  9. Puss ’N Boots (2:34) Nichols, Hijar

Savage Monk

  • Stephen Nichols (a.k.a Steve Savage) – Guitar
  • Charles Hijar (a.k.a Charlie Monk) – Vocals
  • Kevin Dettwiller – Drums
  • Tom Moore – Bass
  • Tim Oglesby – Keyboards

Album cover art by Ralph Hawke Manis of Infinite Designs

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