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Savage Monk Band - Budhha Fly
Savage Monk – Buddha Fly

Savage Monk

Savage Monk is a musical collage with bits of rock, blues, reggae, spoken word, ballads and instrumentals. Formed by the collaboration of Stephen Nichols (a.k.a. Steve Savage), a professional surf bum from San Francisco, and Charles Hijar (a.k.a Charlie Monk), a wandering gypsy from the streets of New York. To escape reality and the need to create, they got together in the Savage compound in Portland Oregon. Savage wrote all the music, who then presented it to Monk who wrote the words and lyrics, and Savage Monk was born.







Arguably, the most unique band to come out of Portland, Oregon… Ever! A new sound, a new band and a new era of music.
Ralph Hawke Manis – Music critique
In his own mind


Savage Monk

Portland, Oregon



Debut Album : “Buddha Fly

Savage Monk Band

Savage Monk Band

Savage Monk Band CD Back Cover


Second Album : “Third Eye

Savage Monk - Third Eye

Savage Monk - Third Eye - CD

Savage Monk - Third Eye - CD Back


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