Buddha Fly – CD/Album

Debut Album “Buddha Fly”

Buddha Fly the debut release from Savage Monk. Made in Portland, Oregon. Created by Steve Nichols and Charles Hijar.

Savage Monk

“No Music… No Life!”

From Portland, Oregon… A band like no other!

  1. Buddha Fly
  2. Superman’s Shoulders
  3. The Things You Do To Me
  4. Falling Apart
  5. Gypsy Ghost Dance
  6. Glitter
  7. To Get You Through The Night
  8. Universal Anthem

Savage Monk

  • Stephen Nichols (a.k.a Steve Savage) -Music
  • Charles Hijar (a.k.a Charlie Monk) – Lyrics and Vocals

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Arguably, the most unique band to come out of Portland, Oregon… Ever! A new sound, a new band and a new era of music.
Ralph Hawke Manis – Music critique In His Own Mind


Budhha Fly - CD Cover
Savage Monk – Budhha Fly

Album Cover Art


Third Eye - Savage Monk Band - CD Cover
Second Album “Third Eye
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